Computer Resources for Teachers

Computers have revolutionized the way children learn, and students have access to new, innovative learning tools. The computer lab teacher has an invaluable role in shaping the way children learn and access information. Of the many ways computer lab teachers influence students, the most important may be giving them tools to help them remain safe […]

Computer Skills and Resources for Adults

In today’s high-tech society, computers are used to some degree in nearly all businesses and industries. Even outside of the professional world people will often find themselves in need of a computer, either for the Internet or for some other purpose. Although some people may not feel comfortable with using them, it is important that […]

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wholesale

Every entrepreneur relies on the goods they sell to run a business. Entrepreneurial success weighs heavily on effective product sourcing, usually through wholesale distributors. Buying wholesale merchandise means purchasing retail items at deep ly discounted rates. Only businesses or individuals with a wholesale license can receive these special rates: Without a wholesale license, businesses and […]

Direct Computer Keyboarding Resources

Learning how to type may not sound like the most fun way to spend free time, but building typing skills has many advantages besides helping kids to surf the web and email faster. One advantage is that it allows teens to type up homework and reports quickly and neatly. Hunting and pecking for keys on […]

Computer Guide To Online Safety and Viruses

The Internet, also known as the information superhighway or cyberspace, is a vast universe of information. It can also serve as a global meeting place and a way to travel and shop around the world without ever leaving home. When used correctly the Internet also offers computer users access to all the knowledge that humanity […]

Educational Computer Games For Kids

Solving math problems, learning about nouns, and writing stories are all fun! It might be hard to believe that learning could be something you look forward to, but with the right games it’s possible. If you like racing cars, flying through outer space, swimming in the ocean, and solving mysteries, then you are going to […]

Decoding HTML, The Language of Computers

HTML, or HyperText Markup Language is the most used markup language for creating webpages to be viewed in a web browser. There are over 100 different HTML tags that are used to mark text that is to be displayed in certain ways. HTML is used in nearly every aspect of a website, including displaying images, […]

College Students Guide To Tablets and Mobile Devices

It’s hard to argue against those who claim we are currently experiencing a technological boom. Ever since the introduction of the computer in the 1970s, the size, speed, and usability of electronic gadgets are in a constant state of improvement. Just last year, the Pebble watch, a watch which doubles as a streamlined smartphone, was […]